Lean Enterprise Certificate Series Course - 8-2-17

Event Start Date: 8/2/2017
Event End Date: 8/4/2017

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Cost: $1,060.00
Lean Enterprise is a systematic approach to creating a culture of empowering employees at all levels to identify and eliminate waste using continuous improvement techniques. This course will teach participants to introduce and implement lean concepts to your plant and help them gain the knowledge to identify and eliminate waste.

Attendees will receive a Lean Manufacturing Certificate from the Alabama Technology Network. The course outline is below:

Day 1
Principles of Lean Enterprise (Lean 101)  
(Lean 101 Objectives/Topics)

Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
(Value Stream Mapping Objectives/Topics)

Day 2
Workplace Organization (5 S)/Visual Factory
(5s/Visual Factory Objectives/Topics)

Quick Changeover/Setup Reduction with SMED Principles
(Quick Changeover/Set up Reduction Objectives/Topics)

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
(Total Productive Maintenance Objectives/Topics)

Day 3
Cellular/Continuous Flow Manufacturing
(Cellular/Continuous Flow Objectives/Topics)

Standardized Work

Pull/Kanban Systems
(Pull/Kanban Systems Objectives/Topics)

Simulations Include:
Lean 101, Workplace Organization (5S), and Cellular/Continuous Flow MFG)


Event Email Address: emily.pate@uah.edu
Event Phone Number: 256-824-5326

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