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Introduction to Fanuc Robot Programming and Operations - 8/27-8/30/18

Event Start Date: 8/27/2018 8:00 AM

Event End Date: 8/30/2018 4:00 PM

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At the end of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Understand Fanuc robot programs and configuration.
  2. Become capable of writing basic to intermediate robot programs.
  • Safety
  • Robot System
  • Power Up and Jog
  • Setting up axis limits
  • Setting up USER frames
  • Setting up Tool Center Points
  • Creating a basic program
  • They will create a routine that uses circle points
  • Students will learn to manipulate their routines and points
  • I/O Devices
  • Students will learn un-conditional branching statements
  • Conditional WAIT, IF/SELECT, or IF/THEN Statements
  • Registers
  • Advanced Program Structure
  • MACRO instructions
  • Miscellaneous Instructions
  • File Management
  • System Variables
  • Mastering and Calibration
Lunch is included

Event Location

  • Montgomery / Selma