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Six Sigma Green Belt - 4-29-19

Event Start Date: 4/29/2019 8:00 AM

Event End Date: 5/3/2019 4:30 PM

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Green Belts play an important role in the Six Sigma process improvement projects. Why are they so important?


  • They have been characterized by some as being the “players” on the team.
  • They execute and implement the tools and practices of the Six Sigma initiatives.
  • They are the “front-line problem-solvers” in the organization.

The designation “Green Belt” refers to people who have mastered the basic skills, and are assigned to Six Sigma projects as needed. Green Belts are usually led by the Black Belts to apply the right tools at the right time to make process improvements to relatively difficult problems. Sometimes, however, they lead their own teams to exploit the opportunities of “low-hanging fruit” through Process Mapping, data collection, and analysis.

Developing Green Belts in your organization is very important for the overall success of the Six Sigma initiatives. Green Belt candidates possess important and vital information about the process. Benefits to the company are realized only when such information, through appropriate analysis, is transformed into knowledge.

The Green Belt course provides candidates the tools to turn information into knowledge that can be utilized throughout the company. In order to “harvest” this information, they must be proficient with the core statistical tools that lend to positive financial impacts.

Green Belts receive a subset of the more advanced Black Belt course. However, all of the key concepts of Six Sigma implementation are covered so that they can be “plugged-in” to projects when needed. The Green Belt training emphasizes a structured problem-solving methodology for addressing business improvement projects by using intermediate quality tools within that methodology. The overall methodology of Six Sigma is a 6-step process:

The overall methodology of Six Sigma is a 6-step process:

  • Recognize -  Recognize that the functional problems your customers experience are linked to issues in your process
  • Define - Define your process that contribute to these functional problems
  • Measure - Measure the capability of each process that might be the key culprit
  • Analyze - Analyze the data to assess prevalent patterns and trends
  • Improve - Improve the key process characteristic created by culprit process
  • Control - Control the variables that exert important influence on the process It is very important to understand the fundamentals of this methodology.

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Event Start Date:
4/29/2019 8:00 AM
Event End Date:
5/3/2019 4:30 PM
There are currently 16 places left.

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